Prestige 12mm Walnut Acacia High Gloss Laminate flooring

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  • Prestige 12mm Walnut Acacia High Gloss Laminate flooring
  • LAM-C-1948H
  • Canadia
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Prestige 12mm Walnut Acacia High Gloss Laminate flooring Summary

Pack size: 1.83sqm
Floor Type: Laminate Flooring / Canadia / Prestige 12mm 4V 
Wear rating: AC3 Class 31 - Suitable for Heavy Domestic and Light Commercial Use 
Plank Dimensions: 12x167x1216mm 

This High Gloss Walnut floor has beautiful rich colours. 
The finish is a high gloss, which gives the floor a luxurious look. 
When fitted, this heavy laminate (12mm thick) can be hard to tell from the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost. 

The High Gloss 12mm Collection is made up with a selection of laminate flooring that is complete with a variety of light and dark high gloss options and is also suitable for both domestic and commercial areas with medium traffic levels. This Flooring Collection is manufactured with a 15-year domestic and 3-year commercial warranty and also only uses environmentally safe materials which results in emission of harmful vapours into the environment being minimized.

We recommend using acoustic underlay to further add to the feel of luxury of this floor. 
This Floor comes with an easy to fit drop click system.

Floor Care guide lines

To help keep your floors looking their best, the following should be adhered to: 
1. Sweep floors with a soft brush regularly - removing grit and small stones from the floor on a regular basis will help reduce the abrading action cause by these particles. If using a vacuum unsure that the brush is down to prevent the metal head scratching the floor. DO NOT USE A STEAM CLEANER ON YOUR FLOOR
2. Place a mat at all external doors, both inside and outside if possible to remove as much outside dirt from the feet prior to walking on the floor.
3. Ensure the legs of all furniture are covered with heavy duty felt pads such as the Canadia range of felt pads to ensure that these legs do not scratch the floor. 
4. If you have an office chair (one on wheels) on your timber floor, you will need to place a mat under it to protect the floor as these types of chairs are very aggressive on timber floors. 
5. Use felt lined castor cups under all other castors on furniture. 
6. When a floor needs mopping, only use a recommended timber floor cleaner – timber floors do not react well to moisture so mops should be well wrung out prior to mopping the floor. Do not have pools of water lying on your floor. We recommend using Canadia spray floor cleaner, or Floor Service Parquet Cleaner (mixed as per instructions on the can). Only use specific wooden floor cleaners as some others can discolour and damage your floor. 
7. Beware of Stiletto heels! Stilettos can put huge pressure on a timber floor (especially ones in ill repair) and can lead to compression marks on the floor.

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